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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

I have to chime in on this one.
I got the Whizzer, the Puch moped and the Thinkbike for less than about $200. That's three types of motorized bikes for a small price. The Thinkbike is dead, the Whizzer is a big loud heavy toad and the Puch, as gay as it seems, is still going strong.
Each have or had their own special appeal. The moped wasn't running when I got it, it cost me a free spark plug wire and a gallon of gas to get it running perfect. My wife has the easiest time on the moped. The Whizzer cost me nothing (barter) it was running crappy at first, then better after re-routing the idiot crankcase breather hose and de-greasing the coaster brake. The Whizzer is by far the most maintenance intensive. The Thinkbike was cool, but wasn't designed for someone over 175 lbs. That cost me $80 some odd for batteries. One day it went "click" and never woke up again.
I love the moped when I'm in heavy urban traffic, I loved the Thinkbike on quiet neighborhood streets and city park trails, but it was a rough ride. The Whizzer is totally impractical for the city traffic around here due to the "manual" clutch but on a long stretch it thumps along nicely, almost as fast as the moped. The moped HAS been the most reliable so far and almost all parts are readily available..
I'm gonna get a two stroke china kit someday and a four stroke non-Whizzer also.
I'm just a two wheel junkie.
Mopeds can be easily "kitted" also to get 45 plus top end. The Puch is easy to fix, even a flat tire on the side of the road (it came with a built-in tool kit), but pedaling home after running out of gas- a herculean marathon of pedal pumping, it's way easier to walk and push. I'm thinking of gearing the front sprocket or rear to allow more efficient pedaling.
Any ideas for that?
I really want to drag race a regular two stroke kit bicycle vs my Puch and compare take-off and top end. Not to prove anything, just for science. I suspect the Puch will jump way out in front at first but I'm wondering how long a two stroke 50cc bike will take to catch up. I still have a sick fantasy to put a Puch engine on a bicycle. I firmly believe Puch engines are superior to the china ones. I also want the laws relaxed on mopeds, darn it, but as long as I can go fast enough to catch bugs in my teeth I'm a happy two wheeled motored anything rider.
I think the post that started this might have been a moped fan to begin with and the question was rhetorical. Moped Riders Association are generally good people, the other moped site's inhabitants...?
The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.

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