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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Wear protection ratings show there are several oils with better ratings than rotella. Rotella is better rated than Mobil 1 BTW...
You want the top five highest rated for wear protection?
All of these are in 10w30.

1. Valvoline VR1 conventional.
2. Valvoline VR1 synthetic.
3. Am soil Z-Rod synthetic.
4. Quaker State Defy sem-synthetic.
5. Joe Gibbs HR4 Hot Rod oil, synthetic.


There are a couple rated slightly better, but suitable for short term racing use only, so I didn't include them.
Great information Joe. Thanks for posting that. I have decided to start shopping for a used (around 07 or newer) H.D. road glide, first thing I'll do is yank the engine and bump up to 110 inch, gear drive cam's, cnc heads with bigger valves, the works, I hate stock ha ha. Break it in on conventional and then switch to synthetic. After hundreds of rebuild's and new builds I know for a fact that synthetic is far superior to conventional, but I still don't waver from doing oil changes with no more than 3000 miles. I have run either Klotz or Royal purple for many years. I built a 93" shovelhead hardtail, less is more kind of bike, back in the 80s, always ran a little hotter than I like on conventional, I switched it over to 60 weight Klotz and it dropped 20 degrees off the temp. Also had to turn the idle down a bit because the Klotz reduced friction that well. Amazing stuff.
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