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Default Re: POS clutch arm screws

You could also drill the hex socket round and use a larger easy out to get them out if they're seized in there that bad. Another nice tool to have is a screw knocker, it's an aircraft tool for removing stubborn or seized screws by using a rivet gun and putting a phillps, standard, torx, or allen screwdriver tip, then gently fire the rivet gun while turning the screw to loosen it, these are very effective on phillips screws that tend to seize and will strip the head before coming loose...
The down side to a screw knocker is that you need a rivet gun to power it as an air hammer will hit too hard and fast since the triggers are more on/off than linear, and rivet guns can be quite costly new, and not so easy to find used locally, but you may be able to get one from somewhere like for under $100 which could pay for its self if you got a whole bunch of these to remove.
Here's the link to the screw knocker...,3698.html
and here's the link for a cheap rivet gun...,603.html ... this is the biggest drawback, the price of the gun, and you need a supply of compressed air to power the gun...
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