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Default Re: Anyone used motorized bike kit and hub motor for hybrid bike?

My insurance will only cover the damage if I rebuild the bike. They said it doesn't have to be identical, but the finished product must be a motor assisted bicycle, so a car (that I couldn't afford to make payments on or keep full of gas) is out of the question. On my budget I can barely keep the gas tank on a 66cc bike full, and the electric part can get me to the store and back easily.

The hub motor and controller I have got me to 35mph on its own (using 80v lipo pack, 3,000 watts), and I'm going for a 31 tooth sprocket because I can't find any 30 tooth sprockets shipped from the US.

I looked for a hybrid section and didn't see one, must have missed it. I'll probably start a new thread there.
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