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Default Anyone used motorized bike kit and hub motor for hybrid bike?

My lithium powered ebike blew up yesterday, luckily insurance is covering everything and the only things damaged when the 1,500 watt hour lipo pack blew is the bike (melted the entire aluminum frame!) and a low hanging branch of a nearby tree - good thing I always charge outside!. I'm thinking, instead of rebuilding another $2k lithium bike, I can use the new 9c hub motor and kelly controller with regenerative braking I just bought, and a generic 66cc gas engine to make a hybrid bike. The 66cc engine would be geared for top speed (36 tooth sprocket), the hub motor would be the front wheel, both would be used for acceleration and high speeds, while cruising only the electric motor (using locking clutch lever to disable the gas engine), or just the gas one and use regen to get some power back into the battery. Anyone ever thought about this? When I'm out of gas my range would be around 10 miles, yet I could ride as far as I wanted (upwards of 100 miles or more at a time occasionally during the summer) without spending hundreds of dollars on batteries. I'd be using high charge and discharge rate lithium batteries for the electric portion, and the pack would be quite small and cheap, around 5 amp hours at 74 volts. Most power would come from the engine, but I'd have a small charger, to make it basically a plug in hybrid. In the future I may consider a computer throttle management system that I'd have to design myself.
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