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Default POS clutch arm screws

My supplier has lately started using a hex head screw to hold clutch cable instead of the old phillips head screws - seemed a good idea with all the noobs stabbing their fingers with the screw driver while tightening, but now I've got a lot of them snapping the heads off using the wrench. Seems if they have a long handle, they'll pull it till it breaks.

Been giving them new ones and tossing old into a box for a while, but today decided to fix them all. Got some good extractors, but none that tiny, so tried some of my pre-war English reaming files that are great steel with square handles in tiny sizes.

Drilled what was left of screw out with 3/32 bit, tapped file handle for the 5/16 file in lightly with hammer, and twisted the old piece of screw right out on all 7 or the bad ones I had.

Now if I could just find some homeless guy to do this for me for 50 cents an hour, it will really pay off.

pic of what's left of screw on file handle

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