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Default Re: Fat bikes shows an engine mounted on a Soul Stomper. If the link doesn't work it's at their Facebook page. As you can see(I hope) the carb didn't exactly fit in the frame so he just turned it slightly. I've also seen the Mongoose from Walmart over at youtube. It had an engine installed. A fat bike with a bigger guy riding it. When I saw the mongoose it looked okay but it just didn't do anything for me. I took the plunge and ordered the Soul Stomper and it will be here tomorrow. I went ahead with a 48 tooth sprocket instead of the stock 44 tooth. I'm about 200LBS and the bike itself weighs in at a hefty 45 pounds so I wanted the extra torque. I also ordered the heavy duty front motor mount because of the larger down tube. I already have the engine mounted chain tensioner. I took out some links and use the back tire to tension it some as well. The chain will be straight even before I add the tensioner. I also went ahead and ordered the hub mounted sprocket adapter to take some stress off of the spokes. I also ordered Mr. Tuffy 3XL tire liners because these FAT tubes aren't cheap and I'd rather not waste my investment.
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