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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

technically this happened a couple of days ago, but I layed Tweeter down for the first (and hopefully last) time.
banged my knee up a bit, scrapped my knuckles a little.

didn't do any damage to the bike other than a couple of scratches on the paint.

I have been lightly lessais-faire about helmets on here before, but I would just like to explain this a little: my bike has a top speed of 40KPH in cold weather floating the **** out of my valves, this slip up happened as I was crossing the median to make a left turn. the road was a little wet, making the centre of the road very slick (something I knew but i'm a moron and forgot until the rear wheel let go)

if I had not been wearing my helmet the situation would NOT have been "fall over, get back up, shame-walk bike to sidewalk" it would have been "fall over, be unconscious in middle of road"

I'm not trying to scare anybody here I am just laying out the facts of what happened, I am not riding without my helmet again (let my ears be cold) and am looking into replacing the OEM tyres on Tweeter for ones that have tread.

no fear mongering here (I have rode since the fall) just be smart about yourselves out there.

little note about the incident: I was buying some groceries at the time, and after checking the bike, and myself I did so. chained the bike to the shopping cart rack.
after getting my things I unchained the bike, and sat next to it for a minute steeling myself to leave the parking lot.
"Dude! Sick bike!" a passing teenager exclaimed.
"hey thanks, built it myself" my bleeding knee and knuckles suddenly hurt less.
"Awesome!" he replied, throwing up the bull horns and walking into the store.

Ask me about Chainmail in southern Ontario!
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