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Default Re: Robin - Subaru EHO35 - No Fuel Tank Ideas

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Roadkill, in a multi-engine setup the smaller tanks are sufficient because they will continuously be filled by the auxiliary tank.

In my twin-engine setup there is a t-fitting and a primer bulb below the tank's petcock. The primer is necessary to purge the air and push gas into the tanks.

Others have mentioned that if if you plug the vents on both engines' gas caps, fuel should flow on demand from the central tank.

If you intend to assemble these on a business level, try to find a distributor that'll give you a better deal on engine prices.
That is a good idea. I think I understand you.. Say I have a 2 gallon tank mounted opposite the engine or above it on a trailer set up I could "drip" the gas into the actual engines own small built on tank using a cut off valve preferably to avoid excess spill or leaks? Maybe a small 12v fuel pump on a gas tank or can would be helpful in filling the small tanks unless the small engine tanks must be pressurized like on some cars I have heard. No matter just posting gets me thinking of yours as well as other/maybe new ideas.

Thanks for the post and ideas/facts!

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