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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I also agree with this, as a mechanic with over 30 years experience and a Harley rider for who knows how long... my sportster never sees oil temps above 200 degrees and I ride in San Antonio Texas and the surrounding areas so it's nice and hot over here from may until at least october... and these rides are minimum of 10 miles, but usually over 50 miles between stops, and that's only due to my little 2 gallon tank...
I check my oil tank regularly and oil level daily and have never seen any signs of condensation in mine or any of my friend's bikes that I maintain. I'm not Harley certified, but I've been working on them for over 20 years, and the mechanic I just hired last month is Harley certified... I let him take my top end apart and put it back together one day when we were bored so I know he knows what he's doing as well.
I don't need a piece of paper to tell people in know how to fix their bikes nor do I call myself a pro, but I let my work and my customers do all the talking...
If you think the oil in your sporty never see's anything above 200 in texas, you need to find a better way to take that temp and not the oil tank fill plug type. And if you took that temp at the rocker box's and at the oil passage in the heads next to the exhaust valves you might be rather shocked. In 50 miles of riding in any weather, that oil easily hit's 280, the water is vapored off and is dumped out of the crank case via the breather's. I don't even count the years I was a shade tree mechanic. I'm not trying to be a know it all here, but this is my realm of expertise, it's the only area I will claim to be an expert in. But as I told the other guy, what you believe or practice is of no concern to me. But I am correct in what I stated, I was never looking for an argument despite the fact that there are those here that seem to want to contradict everything anyone ever says. And by the way, the optimum combustion chamber temp for any gas engine is between 930 degrees and nearly 1200 degrees with a great deal of that pulled off the engine via the oil, not just air cooling. have a good one.

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