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I just got back from a long visit to Freedom Bikes U.S.A, LLC. Fred Seven showed me around the place. I've never seen or heard of some of the innovations he showed me. I was amazed at his ingenuity and skilled mechanical ability. This guy is going to change the entire two stroke motor kit world. Guaranteed. (I didn't even get to talk sparky stuff, except he clearly instructed me on testing my buddy's hub motor and controls.)
Since I've only seen one shop before Freedom's, maybe I'm easily amazed, but I don't think so. He doesn't build bikes for sale generally, but he took the time to explain some of the kit design improvements while I was there. I'm still not able to digest all that I saw and learned while listening and trying to follow along.
What a great guy, by taking the time to explain things and not being secretive or paranoid he has turned around my attitude toward the two stroke idea. He has apparently overcome some of the common problems I've seen posted frequently on this site.
Freedom Bikes USA is a winner. Fred is a winner. They will soon make waves in the two stroke and electric bicycle world. I felt like I was standing on the shoulders of a giant, and seeing into the future of motorized bicycling.
His web addy is Home
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