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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I will add that max oil and max head temps will be different. Max head temps on air cooled engines tend to be higher that oil temps, but there are a lot of variables involved.
If you have a head temp somewhere around 230-250 f, you are A-OK.
Very true! Temp reading's will be varied depending on where taken. Closer to the combustion chamber the higher. I rely greatly on the laser temp guns for accurate temps, especially when heat cycling a new engine. Heat cycling the motor prior to putting a load on it by riding the bike is critical to longevity imo. I start every new motor, let it warm up to operating temp (230-240) then let it cool down completely, I do that 4 times, then I will look at the oil and give it a sniff, if it smells burnt or I see even the slightest metal particles I change it. I know that I may sound rather anal but I have learned over the years building very expensive high horse power H.D. engines that breaking in a motor is very important to engine life and performance. Oil is cheap.
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