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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

As a pro mechanic I can tell you this. You want your oil temp to get to 220 at sea level minimum and run it for a good period of time. The idea is to get the condensation (water) boiled out of the engine. I have been a H.D mechanic for over 35 years and seen many many engines damaged from guys doing nothing but short rides and then parking it, the condensation builds and builds and turns the oil into sludge and at the point it is no longer lubricating bearing's, bushings or the pistons. The higher in elevation the higher the temp must get to boil the water out, the lower the elevation the lower the temp. as far as head temp I don't have a problem running engines as high as 300-320 but not any higher than that. In a H.D. engine I never run more than 3000 miles, then change oil, on these 4 stroke bicycle engines I run no more than 500 miles (no oil filter). My 142f 49 cc holds about 12 oz of oil. Thats a damn cheap oil change and will keep the motor in good shape for much longer. Oil is the life blood of any engine, more so in air cooled engines and even more so when we don't run filters. I break the engine in with castrol gtx petroleum oil then make the switch to Royal Purple synthetic.

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