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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Depends on how you intend to ride.... if it's just a normal cruise where your not going past about half throttle then you can go by cylinder head temp but if you plan on going all out ride it like ya stole it, let the engine fully warm up as indicated by the oil temp... once the oil is up to temp you know the rest of the engine is ready for some hard riding.
The main issue of going all out on a cold engine is piston slap where it hasn't fully expanded in the bore which can accelerate wear on the piston and the bore, but there are also bearing clearances which can beat up the rod and crank journal as well as the wrist pin at the rod etc.... once an engine starts to wear this way you will start to hear the piston slap when cold and it'll go away as the engine warms up in the early stages, then as it wears more the slap eventually won't completely go away. This isn't something that happens after a few weeks of riding hard, but it'll gradually show up after several hundred miles, which can prevent an engine from lasting several thousand miles between rebuilds. It's usually the top end that wears fastest from high rpm use, but running one cold at high rpm really accelerates this wear.

The way to prevent a lot of this excessive wear is to ride at sensible rpm's most the time, but just as important, let the engine warm up before playing too hard.
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