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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Thanks for your reply. I just realized that both probes were not in the same place. The 230F probe was between fins on the head, in the location halfway between the spark plug and the center of the bore (flathead). The 220F probe was inserted into a hole on the edge of the head, probably not above the combustion chamber.

Putting the probe in a fill cap is a good idea. On the briggs the level is set to the line where the fill cap screws in and there are two of them; one is inaccessible right now and that's the one I will hook it up to.

My instruments panel is gonna look sweet when it's done... All illuminated for night riding too

So which temperature reading do you watch to know when it's ok to start driving? If the oil temp does not come up as fast as the head is it still ok, or should I wait and warm the motor till oil reaches a good temp?
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