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Default Re: Engine temp? 230?

Where are you taking the reading from? Best place to get the reading from is on the head and if you're using the spark plug mounted temp probe it'll be most accurate but might read a little cooler when moving because of the air flowing over the head with the plug up front, then read a bit hotter right after slowing down from a wot run.
230 seems on the cool side for head temp but might be about right if reading from another part of the cylinder, if you can put the probe just under the head and out of any direct air flow it should read higher and more accurately.
Oil temp should be ok as long as it stays under 200F . I got an oil temp probe on my Harley ' oil service cap and it tends to stay around 180 to 190F on hot days so I run 50 weight oil in it to ensure enough viscosity. Some people even run 60 weight in their engines since it maintains oil pressure better. If the engine doesn't use an oil pump then 50W oil might be too heavy. Oil viscosity goes down considerably above 200F so heavier oil may be needed in the summer. If the engine has an oil pump and a plug to tap into for a pressure gauge this is the best way to decide which weight oil is needed as well as if an oil cooler should be used. You should be ok by using the recommended oil in the engine as long as the oil temp stays below 200F tho so no real need for a cooler or even a pressure gauge if you can keep the temperature where it needs to be... and if the engine doesn't use an oil pump all you can really do is make sure the temp can be kept in a safe range and use the manufacturer recommended weight.
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