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Default Re: Can you skim my plan for restoration?

I agree with everyone's points whether to restore or start new, but ultimately the choice is yours... If you want something that's going to put up a challenge that you can sit back and say "I did this" or "I brought this one back from the dead" then I'd definitely say go for it...

But if you're being budget concious and need cheap transportation, this is where it's time to asses what you got, what you can keep, and what needs replacement before making the decision to take the jump into this. There are a lot of advantages to building new, but building new also has it's disadvantages since the old one will already have certain issues taken care of, and of course, if you have easy and cheap access to new or used parts, this is a huge advantage.

either way you decide to go, we're here for you if you get stuck on anything and need advice or help.
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