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Question What is the best place to get a 4 stroke kit?

So I'm going to be building a 4 stroke bike for a friend, and i was wondering where is a good place to get a decent quality 4 stroke kit that will not be too hard to operate, because my friend is not a gearhead like i am. Obviously i will be able to service it for him, but i want it to be able to go some time without any major adjustments, unlike the 2 stroke bikes that i have which require something to be adjusted almost every time i ride. I checked out the dax 4 strokes, but they seemed a little pricey. This will also be my first 4 stroke build, so any advice would be appreciated.
And i'm not even sure where to post this! Should i post it here, in Pre Motorized bike info, or in Swap and Shop for the question about which dealer to buy from? If this is the wrong section and a moderator has to move it sorry and thanks in advance!
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