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Default Re: Can you skim my plan for restoration?

I definitely agree with the above post... repair costs can quickly exceed the value of the bike if it's in really poor condition. You may get lucky with the engine if you can get it running without having to spend more than about $20 on it, but that's the cost of a carb and throttle right there.
It's going to need a new seat, there's no way around that one, the chains and tires are most likely trashed, so if the wheels need anything or there's rust in the bearings, that's at least another $50 worth of parts just to get the bike rolling....
You can still try to bring this one back, but be sure to do a complete assessment on the condition of all its parts, it can be real easy to trap yourself into something like this and before you know it, you spent a lot more than it would have costed to buy a new bike or engine. Look at the parts that need to be replaced and add up the prices of what it's going to cost to replace everything that needs to be replaced, then multiply that price by 2 or 3 and if it comes out more than the cost of a new bike or decent used one, replace the bike...
Do the same assessment for the engine, there's also the chance you fix a few things on the engine, get it running then a bearing goes out or it loses compression etc, it would be cheaper to get a new kit.

There is a point where you will need to decide whether to repair a few small things or replace the bike, and the same for the engine, if you need to replace more than the carb and the throttle, it's most likely going to be cheaper to buy a new kit and save what you got for spare parts.
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