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Default Re: weedeater bicycle engine

Okay now down to the nitty and gritty... it looks as though several things are missing(of course)

no centrifical clutch so here is my question for you guys. If worst comes to worst, Does this sound reasonable...

1. I can lift the engine and start it. Let it warm up till the choke is off, then i can kill it with the kill switch.

2. hook the engine down with the spring while it in NOT running.

3. pedal off and set the accelerator then throw the kill switch which should start the engine and off I go.

4. When I need to stop throttle down then at the point where I would throw the clutch, activate the kill switch. Engine dies and I have a little bit of drag to help stop the bike.

5. When I pull away throw the kill switch and the bike should drag start.

I might also rig a cable to the choke so I don't have to pull start the engine at all.
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