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Default Re: Can you skim my plan for restoration?

Welcome to the forum....
First thing I would do is remove the spark plug and look at its condition... does it look normal? No rust or anything on the end? If it looks ok then with the spark plug removed, see if the engine will turn over by walking the bike with the clutch released, there may be a little resistance but the engine should at least move, spraying a shot of wd40 efore trying to turn it over may be a good idea.
If the engine turns over, check the carb, these usually get gummed if neglected with fuel left inside them. You can usually restore a carb by removing it, removing the float bowl, and cleaning up with some carb and choke cleaner, again, a little wd40 sprayed over the internal parts can help free stuff up and prevent any further deterioration, if the carb is stuck or looks beyond help, new ones only cost about $10 so no need to try too hard to fix a stuck or corroded carb...

Remove the exhaust and look at the part of the piston rings you can see... no rust? Chances are good the engine will start if fed some fuel and the carb is ok.

The chain, wd40 is your friend here, if you can get it clean and moving freely it should be ok, but be prepared to replace it if there's any heavy rust on the pins or if any links are rusted together.
The pedal chain, easy to replace, most sporting goods stores or even walmart may have a replacement chain.
The throttle, replace it, trying to fix that will only lead to frustration...
Everything else, replace or clean as needed, the rims are usually good as long as they're not bent, and all the spokes should be in place, it's not too hard to replace a broken spoke or 3 if the rest of the wheel looks good...
Replace tires or tubes if there are any signs of dry rot...
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