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Default New Person....having trouble with engine

I found this forum specifically so I can find tips and tricks on how to bet my engine to run better....right this second I can't get it to start...but when I do get it started it will not idle...I can get it to run fine with the choke lever open but when I close the choke lever it doesn't idle, it just wants to take off and when I pull the throttle a bit the engine sounds like its flooding and wants to shut off...also yesterday It was over heating on my way to work so I had to turn around...right now I am recovering from cancer and this bike is my only way to and from work...the bike worked perfectly last week and now it does not want to work right at I said...I can get it to run and go with the throttle when the choke is open...but it won't idle when the choke is closed like it was...if anyone can help please get back to me...I am in some serious need of help
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