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Default Re: my journey begins

so it was a bit of work getting the new engine sorted out, different front mount width than my first engine. the whole kit is pretty good. 415 kmc chain, nice big clutch lever, nt speed carb, all hardware is nice hex cap, extra gaskets, extra g clips(7 extra) lots of extra washers and locking washers.

I also got the front end converted to the threadless system with rockshox, and the cruiser style halfmoon bars. I know what I want to do with the fenders and have made a front mount for the rockshox. I will cut the front fender in two and have a bolted bracket go over the arch on the shocks. the struts have a rid design with a hollow running down the leg. so I cut some thread stock to fit and used contact cement to secure it. then I will heatshrink it as well. the brooks saddle also arrived, so I have a full suspension now




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