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Default Re: Snow!

Good story from KCVale. I'm still chuckling.

I remember when studded automotive tires made their first appearance. It would have been about 1970 or so. And everyone thought that that seemed like a great idea. Until they realized that those studs were shredding the roads.

I think they were advertised, and talked about, for one fall/winter season. And then outlawed in the spring/summer. That was in Michigan. Other states might vary. But I don't think they lasted long anywhere.

That's one more advantage to being a bicyclist. I can use studs!

Another brief diversion; the winter before last was the harshest we've had in the mid-west in 40 years. As the fall was coming on I'd look at the tires on my car, notice the tread getting a little bit shallow and think, "I ought to buy some new tires"...

But being the sort who neglects things like this, winter caught me first. And it pretty much shut down my bike riding for about 10 weeks. So I slipped and slid around in my car that whole time. Much weaker, traction-wise, than nearly every other vehicle on the road thinking, "I mighta guessed I'd regret this".

I did buy the new tires. In the spring. After the roads cleared. Smart.

But those treads are still good. I can even take another bad winter, if I must.
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