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Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
That would for snow chains as well, unless you have disc or bub brakes you can't use anything other than tire studs.

Which reminds me of a story.
My wife spent a winter in Colorado and put studded tires on the van.

We she got back one tire had developed a slow leak so I took it up the Firestone to patch it.

The young employee took one look and stammered 'Of course it has a leak! The tire is full of nails!'

I laughed until I cried as the manger explained to him what studded tires are.
The chains I linked would work with v brakes if you look closely at the pictures in that link I posted you will see that the chains stop at the rim so the brake pads can still grab the rim. I made sure of it before I bought them.

Edit; Sorry I didn't relize someone already mentioned this I didn't read page 3. >. >
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