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Default Bicycle rolls freely when clutch lever is released

Ok so first off I have read this thread ( and tried everything on it. I'm sure the clutch cable is adjusted properly. I also tightened the flower nut completely so the clutch pads and plate were touching and it still rolls freely. I have had this bike for a year or so and it always ran fine. I let it set in the shop for a while, but I would ride it around the block once every month or so. The last time i road it, I left the gas valve on and it leaked for about a month. When I noticed it, I took it for my monthly ride and after taking my first turn it revved up like i pulled the clutch in. Now it just rolls freely. I checked the clutch pads for grease and it looks good with lots of pad left. I have a china girl 80cc. How can I tell if its a woodruff key or what the problem actually is? Any help will be appreciated and I will not abandon this thread, so don't worry about it being a waste of time. Thx in advance!
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