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Don't waste your time calling the DMV as there is a very small chance they would give you the right answer.

The license plate application's 4 questions say 4 HP or less which was increased
from 2 HP this year. 50cc or any motor size has never been specified.

It's $21 now but the DMV still accepts $18 cause they don't update the price.

DOT helmet, left side mirror and horn.

Here is the 2015 CA Motorcycle Handbook.

Originally Posted by CalmJackal View Post
Hello everyone. I've been interested in motorized bicycle for few months now. A lot of research have been done for me, and the last resources I want to see are the one that actually owns one. I lived in Southern Cali. around LA. So the answers from actual owners will be greatly appreciated! Please correct me if I'm wrong. My first question is the legality of the bike. I heard that the limits should be under 50cc and 2hp motor (engine). You do need m1 or m2 license but insurance is not required, IK this one have a thread mentioning this, but idk if there's any update and beside i got this one resources that says I do not need one. Sound good right? Unfortunately when I called the CHP, I asked them and they said I don't even need license, just a class c is enough and not even m1 or m2 for the sake of identification although in terms of insurance they way they said yes, is that they're not so sure about it. I haven't called DMV yet, because I have to wait half hour just an operator to help me. And an $18 registration fee is required since day 1 and it's not a problem for me. And as a beginner can I jumpstart to a 4 stroke engine already? It seems better for someone who don't have much prior knowledge on motorized bike or engines in general. I'm planning to buy a phantom bikes their basic model ($1500) but do you guys have any other bikes that cost less but still have 4 stroke engine?

My post seems to be very concerned with legal terms, the reason for that is because I can't afford to have a ticket or a record as I'm going join up the military any time soon I'm just waiting for their call if I got a record and got called I have to wait for few more months, I sacrificed this semester already because of my dedication to join the military. But as of now I need a reliable transportation and without getting a ticket.

I don't need insurance according to this website:

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