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I couldn't agree more with you, Kinghtscape. Ice really is the major fear, for me. Second only to folks opening their car door as you speed past. (Speed don't hurt but sudden stops do!)

I spent 16 years at sea and learned that foul weather gear (or what I called foul language gear" go ahead, swear at me!) If you kept the wind out and off, ya stayed much warmer. Forgot about it until BA suggested it in the thread knightscape suggested. Great advise and works wonders. (Rain gear)

Just to add. Keep your chest, feet and hands warm. Ya can make hand guards from soda bottles or buy them. Huge difference in enjoying yer ride.

I can't find it but there is a pic of doughnuts I did in the snow in front of our house. Carol thought I was showing off until she did the laundry. The throttle got stuck at wide open and I was just trying to crash into the snowbank.

It's all fun and games until you ram your wife's car's rear end with a MB.

worst apocalypse ever
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