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Default Re: my journey begins

so this has turned into a bit of a blog, well I've never blogged before yee haw.

well I talked to the supplier, who is actually a distributor that carries zoom inventory among a variety of other goods. and he's not sure anoug the crank and can only offer to sell me parts as needed when available to him. he's actually a pretty nice guy, but this doesn't work for me. Legwon recently built a bike with a zoom kit and had no problem, and there are things I like about it. the big intake port, and short wide open little stock intake that matched the port already(way better than the zig zag from my test). the fews times I've had it wot and feel it building speed it was so smooth I was suprised,. but as I feel my bike is looking better, I always want it to run better than it looks. and it bugs me.

so I feel my mistake was buying it from someone who receives the box from china and stores until it is bought. the better way is to go through a vendor who opens the box and checks out his product, and even swaps out the hardware and other small details that make a difference. I went with zoom because it was a local pick up and thought local support would be beneficial. and shipping these kits aint cheap. well all support I've had has come from this forum, and some advice from KC on the other one. and meeting Legwon locally has made this noob experience a lot less painful. and it has had its pains.

so what does all this nattering surmount to?


well I decided to take a little ot at work and but a new engine. this one

shipping was 60 USD, and the difference between just engine and the whole kit to me was about 50 CAD. so I went with the whole kit, which should be tomorrow or the next day. the kit and the vendor come highly recommended, and it's the route I should have gone originally. so in the end the zoom kit was $200 take home and this one was $274.

I am doing a bit of detail work while I'm waiting


also have another mini saga in the journey


springer dreams have long faded into bitter ashes. really dont love the look of the rockshox on this bike, but I do love the raised front end by 4" or so. also got a pair with both vbrake and disc mounts, eventually going hydraulic disc. but it's threaded to threadless with some adaptation, understanding the importance of the integrity of this particular area. a friend hooked me up with a chris king headset, and yes it's painted. horror oh horror.

and some experienced and keen eyed builders out there will be giggling thinking about a vintage fender and rockshox, well I have plans. it may weigh a bit more but will be solid or not used.

the extra parts are a bonus too, I have tank ideas to try, need extra chain, can compare stock exhaust to my home job, and some littlebits will be nice to have two of.

now that looks like a blog
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