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Default Re: Help a newbee, if you feel like it.

Welcome to the forum, Howard. We're glad you've joined us here where I believe you'll find a lot of members ready and willing to offer advice and suggestions.

"urethane sway bar mount". This can be a good idea, or a bad one depending on how that bushing is used. First, it will not reduce or eliminate vibration. Neither will any resilient material. I've used urethane bushings on several builds with good results but I assure the engine is mounted solidly and can not move.
It would help if you could post a photo or drawing of how you propose to mount the engine using the bushings in question.

You'll get more replies and someone will be able to answer your question regarding the frame cracks.

Not sure what you mean by "true the flywheels in the lathe". You'll need to explain that a little further. Otherwise it sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck.

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