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Default Help a newbee, if you feel like it.

Hi all, New Mexico new guy here. Just beginning my first build for myself, and I'd like to avoid all the problems I can BEFORE they happen. Today's question is, does anyone have a pic of the failure point on the WM Nel Lusso frame? Seat stay, I've heard, around the rack weld, somewhere, but no one on "Another" group had a pic. Just passed on hearsay. The Huffy at 150, including tax, was the best looking bike for the price, so I got one after a long search for an old frame, locally. Amazing how those things disappear when you need one. Anyway, Plans are for a complete teardown, greasing, and re assembly, with better bearings all around as soon as I find some. Manic mechanic sprocket adapter, cause I don't want to re do my wheel and rag joint later. Thumb throttle, just to try. Maybe I'll like it.
A black HT 66cc from Banggood, for 113 bux. Big adjustable front mount, which I may use, or maybe urethane sway bar mount to reduce vibrations. M-Wave center stand. Old PUCH speedo. Hope it works. Engine teardown to precede mounting, to replace butter bolts, and maybe true the flywheels in the lathe if I see much silliness there. That's my whole plan, so far. Any help appreciated, don't be shy, share your hard earned knowledge, if you would. (That OTHER group, not so much). Always researching, but I don't mind applying your experience rather than making my own. THANKS, Howard, in the desert.

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