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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Mopeds? I love mopeds.. I have several.. But.. I ride my motorized bicycle all the time and my moped rarely. There are many reasons for this. First.. My motorized bicycle will run circles around my Mopeds. Also.. Mopeds are much more expensive. Typically a new moped is 1000usd or more. A motorized bicycle will cost 200usd or less. I have no clue as to where you can get a good moped for 200usd or less. Maybe a basket case. Also, mopeds are regulated where I live. That means you need to buy a government sticker, have a valid drivers license and more.. Also.. There are places you can not go on a moped that I can go on my motorized bicycle motor assisted bicycle. It is a bicycle still. A moped is not. Mopeds weigh 150 lbs or so. My motorized bicycle weighs 60lbs or less. IT is hard to change a flat on a moped. IT is an operation. It is easy to change a flat or perform maintenance on my MAB. Bottom line is this. The motorized bicycle will run circles around the mopeds, cost a ton less doing it, and can go places that a moped is not allowed to go. Also. If you happen to run out of fuel, you can actually pedal a motorized bicycle home... Try that on a moped. Good luck.. Pedals on a moped are only for starting the motor. They are not for pedaling home.. That is for sure... The one thing a Moped has over the motorized bicycle is the electrical. A moped has the better generator for driving a headlight. It is light years better. Typically the moped 2 stroke motor is far superior to the GT 2 stroke. The rear mounted 4 Strokes such as Titan are better than the 2 stroke Moped. So..With all that said... I can say this... Even on a moped... Enjoy the ride...