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Default Re: My first motorized bike build-four stroke honda

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I think you're forgetting it's a 49cc four stroker in a road bike; I'm quite familiar with in fact but yes, they provide solid axle disc brake hubs as well, if you're so inclined - point being the rotor mount utilized as a sprocket mount, an inexpensive, clean & simple solution

cooperDG123 - I would presume your CRF50 3sp is autoclutched, yes?
Yes it is a 3 speed auto clutch. Although it is a 4 stroke 49cc these little engines have a surprising amount of torque first gear, enough to do a standing burnout.

I have think I have fixed my hub problem for now. The lock ring that I had on before was junk, Chinese cheese. I thought I had striped the hub but in reality it was just the lock ring. The hub threads were still in pretty good shape. After replacing the ring and plenty of locktite it seems to hold pretty well....well enough to do a burnout lol. I only was trying to test the drive train not the incomplete frame so I never went more than 10mph

Now that my drive train seems to be solid, I can finish the frame. I still have to do the bottom frame tubes shown mocked up in the first pic.

Does anyone know where I can get some 1" od tubing in LA?

Anyone have any ideas for a gas tank?

Thanks for all the help guys
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