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Default Re: My first motorized bike build-four stroke honda

Originally Posted by cooperDG123 View Post
I went for a test run today (If you can call it that) and immediately stripped the fixed gear side of my hub, this is the side the engine drives. My drive sprocket on the wheel uses the threads from a fixed drive sprocket. The locking ring that goes on after the sprocket completely stripped the hub threads. I'm not sure what to do now. Maybe a 29er hub with a sprocket hub adapter? Would this work? I don't think the aluminum hub threads can hold up to the tourqe of the engine.
Any disc brake hub w/your main drive sprocket drilled & bolted to the rotor mounts outa work;

...which hub depending ofc on your dropout width & spoke count, I linked that one only to show they needn't be costly ($17 lol) & I've used the Quando brand before, they're fine for the pennies
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