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Default Re: HI All, two not so simple questions.

That's good to hear... I've just started buying from him more on a regular basis and haven't had any issues at all with anything he's sold me in the past but it's good to know he's another vendor who will take care of problems quickly. I know a few months back he didn't have the 40mm spaced cylinders up for sale so I asked him if he was still planning on selling them, he replied quickly and told me about when they would be back in stock as well as other goodies in the works... I got the cylinders I needed once he had them in stock, but it's those other goodies in the works that keeps me checking his items for sale regularly... One of them is his new pipe which is basically a nice treatland pipe built for the CG engines, I hadn't bought one yet, but others have and should be reporting back about how they do... He told me about other stuff too so I check his site regularly.
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