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Default Re: Serious working bike trailers

Originally Posted by ZnsaneRyder View Post
The hitch is really tight, allowing a small amount of lean, so when I lean in on corners, it keeps the wheels on the ground.

It handles very well on corners, you would be amazed. Only on severe high speed turns it wants to tip up on one wheel, but it goes right back on both wheels once straight again, because my body weight counteracts the tipping.

I also don't use the kickstand, because the trailer holds the bicycle up for me. I used a handtruck as a cheap source of steel frame metal, and it's so modified that it's not really a handtruck anymore.
I was riding on solid ice today and hit a ridge.. That usually flips me without a trailer on my rump as fast as gravity can assist. Today I hit while towing 200 pounds of books and the kid trailer actually partially stabilized my fall!! There must be something to trailers with weight that helps maintain balance. Now if your rig was pushing me on ice.. I would be scarred pottyless!
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