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Default Re: My first motorized bike build-four stroke honda

Originally Posted by cooperDG123 View Post
The top lever will shift up and the lower lever will downshift.
Shouldn't be to hard to rig up with just brake cable.
Switching steen levers isn't as hard as I thought it would be.
The only possible problem I see is not having enough travel or pulling power with the cables.
Correct, that is the problem with trying to shift with a handlebar lever.
Not near enough travel or hand strength to move that shift mech like it is for say a 3-speed internal bike hub.

You could fashion a long shift arm to the shifter output and have plenty of mechanical advantage to shift with a really long push / pull lever sort of like Rat Rod comics used.

Then again if you have some seriously long strong arms you can just reach down...

Hehehe, I love those old comics.
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