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Default Re: my journey begins

ok, so running a custom made exhaust made of two broken exhausts and a flex hose joining between. and after plugging the holes in the end cap of my can, she is quite quiet and power seems ok. for now its doing well.

i have been using a1.95" knobby mtb tire on the back, as can be seen in above pics. someone thought the 2.35" originals would rub and i didn't want the hassle. well with a center kickstand swapping tires is easy, so i tried the 2.35. no problem, and sooooo much nicer ride. pedaling the bike with out the engine seems much easier and smoother, and a more cushioned ride.

chain space.jpg

all in all I'm liking the bike, motor is still breaking in (looking through the intake I can see the rings are silver and black still). has a bad patch of vibes for about about 3mph. doesn't sound like much, but it is. very smooth wot for about 15 seconds I hit 47 kph this morning, and cruising at 30 is smooth. so Legwon figures it's the crank, so I will talk to the supplier and see if he will give me a new crank.

a few changes since the last shot. alot more changes coming.

the journey continues...
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