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Default Re: First Build GT2-A frame [PICS INSIDE]

Originally Posted by migueralliart View Post
Well life got in the way for a couple of months but I'm BACK ...

bought a house, married and moved but somehow I managed to keep going and now I got a pull start kit and a running engine.

This thing sounds soooo cool I love it can't wait for the sick bike parts shifter kit to be here to install with some pedals and start riding it. The motor starts 1st pull every time

Breaking it in with 16:1 mix for now.

Some pictures and videos as always.


Very nice clean looking bike, I will say that most of us will recommend that you not use 16:1 in these engines just simply because its way to much oil and will just carbon things up mainly, but if you only use 1 tank and then switch to a typical mix like 32:1 40:1 50:1 etc with a quality oil and tune the carb for it, you should be just fine.

Nice bike and best wishes with the finished product.
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