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Unhappy Re: Trouble shooting the bicycle engine that won't start

Ok so heres the story i just had my first build worked great for 2 weeks died turned out to be the magneto so i replaced it ran great for another week and its dead in the water again so first thing i did was check for spark heres where it gets tricky ive spent all day tinkering with it even splices my wires directly and when i turn the engine over she sparks a couple of times then nothing rode her just yesterday and she rode great parked it over night after putting a pin in my pedal so it doesnt come out and accidentally left the fule petcock open got up this morning to go to work gas on the floor and she wouldnt start could me leaving the petcock open have anything to do with her not starting anyways so i try to ride it down the street she somewhat starts but bogs down and dies like i said i get a spark and then it stops what is wrong with it? Please help!!!!
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