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Default Re: good idea or bad one

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
Hmmmm.....something like this may be doable with what I have (I found this picture on the interwebs,)
Hey, that's my bike!

I was trying to post a picture of it but my phone can't resize them.

That pic's from the monthly Huntington Beach vintage motorcycle show, where it won first place. Beating out Nortons, Triumphs, and other high dollar bikes.

It's a 1957 Moto Beta 50cc. Franco morini 3 speed engine, and a 2.8 gallon tank.

Custom restored from a pile of rust I traded a moped for. Bike sat in pieces in a backyard since 1985, before that it came over from italy in a container ship. Probably hasn't seen the road since the 70's.

Now it kicks over everytime and runs awesome.
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