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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by tgaydos View Post
i've got a new magneto coming as that's the only thing i can think it is after having tested all the other things. mechanically it's fine and it's getting fuel, there's no way i burned up two plugs and two cdi's in the short time i've had the bike.

I got new hardware yesterday for the motor and i had a pain in the ass time trying to find the sizes, i ended up taking one of each bolt in to fastenal and get it matched up that way. Here's what i came up with for sizes and part numbers from fastenal. They're all hex cap screws.

Sprocket cover: m6-1.0 x25mm; pn 1139568
Clutch cover: m6-1.0 x20mm; pn 1139567
Case mount: m6-1.0 x35mm; pn 1139570
Magneto cover: m4-.70 x16mm; pn 2139526
Case bolt below the jug: m6-1.0 x40; pn 1139571
Head studs: m8-1.25 x90mm; pn 1139599

This is for my flying horse angle fire from bike berry.

This is why sick bike parts makes bolt kits Did you check to see who would be cheaper? All I can say is mine held together with a Hi Compression Puch head at about 11 to 1 compression instead of the stock 6.5 to 1. The head is one place you really need studs seeing as there is only 4.
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