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Default Re: My first build to sell. Sold.

Thanks Dave. The initial goal to replace my income is roughly 5 bikes every two weeks. I have a quick local source for kits and parts but want to stock my own as soon as possible. I would like to have a custom bike of my own as an example of options and possibilities. I know in reality these simple stock bikes at low prices will out sell custom ones at probably 50 to 1. I hope to get a small stock of accessories going within the next two weeks also, I get one more check from work so at least some of that can go to it. Things like tubes, lights, locks, speedometers, rear view mirrors, foam grips, etc. will hopefully make the business more rounded and profitable.
I am trying to get set up to do service also. Service is greatly needed in my town, absolutely none of the normal bike shops will touch them and the main dealer in town does not like to service them and says he is going to send repair work my way.
I really hope this works and am giving it my all, the only other viable option I think I have right now is truck driving school and going over the road as a trucker. The job demand there is high and companies will pay for school but it will be extremely hard on my wife and I if I have to be gone that much.
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