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Default My first build to sell. Sold.

Well due to losing my medical insurance and several other factors I just resigned from my job. I had just started building motorized bikes just to sell on the side. So now I will be devoting 100% into building and selling bikes and hopefully can make a go of it. Here are a few pics of the first of hopefully many bikes. I start with a new Huffy Cranbrook, I am a Micargi dealer thru my friends shop and I still can't beat the Huffy. I disassemble it most of the way to the frame. Pull apart the rear hub, file match the shoes to the actuator, smooth the corners of the shoe retainer, clean then reassemble packed full of high temp red automotive grease. Swap for drag bars, 25 tooth front sprocket, front caliper brake, pack all other bearings with high temp, build a laid back seatpost, solid mount the motor all the way down in the frame, custom build and tuck the wiring and cables. Remove the fenders and all the other potentially dangerous parts. I posted it for sale yesterday and it sold today. Hopefully I can build the business and do it full time.

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