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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Still making slow progress because it's been crazy busy at the shop this summer but I assembled a Super Rat engine for the mountain bike installed a crank set off an older schwinn mtb but the small chain ring was hitting the swing arm so I took it off and tried a few other crank sets I got sitting around, they all hit so I went ahead and ordered a Specialized jis crank set since it had the right offset and will clear the swing arm. The frame tubing on this bike is also wider than the engine mount's stud spacing so I ordered a piece of 1 inch thick 6061 aluminum bar stock so I can make the custom mounts on my cnc. My plan is to join 2 pieces then rout out the hole for the frame tubing for both the front and rear mounts since the seat post tube is also quite a bit bigger than most bikes and wider than the stud spacing on the rear mount as well.
This will make for a nice solid mounting setup that won't harm the aluminum frame tubing.
I also zip tie mounted the engine to the frame as a mock up to see how the CR 80 pipe will fit and what bends will need to be re clocked. I like the CR 80 pipe's shape since it also looks like only one bend will need re clocking for it to fit perfectly, and the stinger points to the back of the bike perfectly so a lot less modifying will be needed there. I got a set of wheels on the bike now so I can roll it around to and from where I'm working on it but I'm also thinking about making up a set of wide 24" rims or lacing some 50mm wide rims to my hubs, unless I can find a 24" rear well with a disc brake hub and a really wide rim pre made.

I didn't have enough time to mess with the road bike but I'm going to take some measurements so I can make some billet brackets to secure the pipe to the frame , I just need to weld a few spring mounts to the pipe and find a way to secure the back of the pipe then it'll be ready to start the engine and start breaking it in.
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