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Default Re: Dax Little devil f80 VS regular F80

All of his engines and bottom ends use the drilled and balanced cranks, and the cranks he sells separately are also drilled and balanced. Whenever I build a performance engine it's Always based on a Dax bottom end, and If for some reason I need to replace just the crank, I'll buy the Dax cranks because there's that much of a difference how smooth the engines are. My engines will free rev past 11,000 rpm easily and on the street they can run up to over 10,000 rpm. One of the major factors in the engines being able to reach those rpm's is how well they are balanced. They also run very smoothly cruising at 35+ mph and 45+ top speeds are easy to obtain using a 40T (I hit 43mph off a 44T as well) rear sprocket which means acceleration is also really good.

Usually for the price, if I get anything with crank or lower bearing problems it's more practical to just replace the bottom end with a Dax bottom end and bypass buying the good bearings, taking the engine apart, swapping out the crank, and putting it all back together since good bearings are going to cost at least $20 for the set and the balanced crank costs $40 by it's self so it does save a lot of time to just replace the bottom end that costs $69
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