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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

i've got a new magneto coming as that's the only thing i can think it is after having tested all the other things. mechanically it's fine and it's getting fuel, there's no way i burned up two plugs and two cdi's in the short time i've had the bike.

I got new hardware yesterday for the motor and i had a pain in the ass time trying to find the sizes, i ended up taking one of each bolt in to fastenal and get it matched up that way. Here's what i came up with for sizes and part numbers from fastenal. They're all hex cap screws.

Sprocket cover: m6-1.0 x25mm; pn 1139568
Clutch cover: m6-1.0 x20mm; pn 1139567
Case mount: m6-1.0 x35mm; pn 1139570
Magneto cover: m4-.70 x16mm; pn 2139526
Case bolt below the jug: m6-1.0 x40; pn 1139571
Head studs: m8-1.25 x90mm; pn 1139599

This is for my flying horse angle fire from bike berry.
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