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Default Re: Greeting from the gulf coast of Florida!

Wow, Chris. I'm not sure what you're referring to. I don't recall telling you to buy a motorcycle.
There was a time in the past when I made that statement but I have since declined to offer that advice to anyone. There are lots of reasons people want to install big engines on bicycles and who am I to question their decisions?

As for you making a "rookie mistake", I have to disagree. We all started as rookies and we've all asked questions. Yours are not considered an "ignorant statement". No way, no how, not by anyone here.

Motorcycles are great and have some advantages over motorized bicycles but our bikes are unique in many ways and when you build your first one you'll quickly appreciate the differences. The main one being that you can say, "I built that". How many motorcycle owners can say that?

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