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Default Anyone thought about a diesel bike?

Lately i have been researching the laws surrounding MBs, and i started noticing that all the laws clearly state that they are regarding any bicycle with an attached gasoline engine. I have been thinking that if i could build a diesel motorized bicycle it might be a loophole through a lot of those laws. So, i decided that i am going to buy a cheap ebay china girl and attempt to convert it to diesel. The first step would be hugely increasing the compression, so maybe a custom machined head with a very small chamber volume would be a start, and then i will have to change the ignition system to a glow plug type ignition, and then there is the carburetor. If anyone here has experience with diesel carburetors i would appreciate any ideas on how to convert a gasoline carb to work on diesel, and if it could even be done.
Thanks everyone!
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