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Default Re: I've perfected the sprung saddle!!

Then thread your new springs into the mount holes for the old springs and re-attach the front mount of that undercarriage.



I've been riding for more than a month now, I guess, on a saddle that's almost identical to this one. The only difference is that I also put coil springs into the space between the jaws of those hairpin springs. I've eliminated those on this build because it didn't seem as though they were doing anything for me. And maybe they were making the ride harder than need be. Probably not much difference since they're pretty weak springs. (For referrence; it takes 94 lbs to compress two of them one inch.)

My results. There are two seams in the pavement on my work commute which are about 5 inches tall x about 5 inches in the direction of travel. They are not 'jagged', they're pretty rounded. Still, that's not the sort of bump that I'd go over carelessly with no suspension at all. But I can do it with this saddle with no feeling that I'm shocking my axle, my frame, dropouts or spine. I still, usually, lift myself off the saddle on these bumps since it feels as though I'm pushing the limit of what this saddle can absorb. I'm 190 lb. And I can go over these bumps at any speed without worry.

As far as those 1 or 2 inch seams, patches, etc., in the pavement go, they're simply not a matter of concern anymore at all. I ride over them without feeling them in any meaningful way. And I've no concern for the bike on stuff like that anymore. Same with rough, gravel shoulders. The springs in the front suspension and the saddle are absorbing that sort of shocks sucessfully.

I still wouldn't want to crash through a pothole, of course. But this saddle absorbs at least 90% of the road 'roughness' that I encounter. And, by the way, the roads in these parts are not very good. I hate driving my car over them, for instance. They're that bad.
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